Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dale the Doll: I Will Prevail

The human may have me in these embarrassing "My First Halloween" onsies, but I tell you, she hasn't got a chance. I have a master plan to turn her back into her zombie self - 

Why? You may ask. Well, zombies are controllable and humans are not, especially this wacky redhead. She's working on a haunted mirror right now for the dining room. She got the first coat of paint on it and plans to make the frame all heavy and ornate gilded gold. Freaking scary! She's insane, I tell you! Besides, she looks a helluva lot better as a zombie, more doll-like.

So, I've had a few attempts at turning her with changing her caffeinated coffee to decaff and trying to introduce her to some spice or bath salts, but those zombie turning methods didn't work, so I'm on to some more creative endeavors. I will keep you posted. Hopefully, soon, one of these will take hold and I can master this well respected blog and have an audience for my doll musings.

Hey, and don't any of you tell The Human, or I'll have to come after you!


  1. Keep at it, Dale. Maybe get her a job in a cubicle farm, or push her to search out abandoned chemical companies. Those always cause zombies.

  2. hey ya dale this joe ya can always use hypnosis to turn to zombi .. with right resurch and right know how hypnisis can get ya what ya want , at least part that is .. anyways My human coming need go

    a friand joe