Friday, October 26, 2012

Bigfoot: Olly Olly Oxen Free

There are so many things at work when you consider the puzzle that is Bigfoot. A great deal of the population does not believe he exists, but once we do drive Bigfoot out of hiding and prove his existence, that is the beginning of real wild ride. It may seem insane now with people poking around the forests with trap cams, trying to gift Bigfoot food or attract him with wood knocks or howls, but this is the quiet before the storm.  When he is absolutely proven by DNA, the floodgates open for the real circus freak show.

Here's just some of the questions that await us that we haven't been able to ponder easily publicly when many don't believe in Bigfoot, but we can now honestly pursue the answers. They include social, legal, medical, anthropological, spiritual and perhaps even categories we never considered. Here's just some of the things to pitch into the fire and fury that will be post-DNA realizations:

Are they human?
What constitutes being human?
If they have part human DNA and part something else, which wins out?
Do they have rights of protection from being hunted?
Will they own land or be allowed to remain nomadic?
Can one be held in a zoo? Held for scientific medical studies?
Do social services need to now inoculate the children?
Should they become a sovereign nation within a nation?
Do they have monogamy?
Do they live in clans/groups/family units?
How do they evade us?
Do they have unusual abilities like infrasound and night vision?
How do they reason?
What is their mental capacity/IQ/brain capacity?
Why have they worked so hard for so many centuries to be separate from us?
Do any of them want to join general population now that they're found?
Who's their mama? Who's their daddy? And what does this mean for concepts of evolution/creation?
Can we "adopt" a Bigfoot and for a certain amount of money a day have someone leave them food?
Would they like tools and clothing?
Do they want to communicate with us?
What are their spiritual beliefs? Do they bury their dead? Pray? 
Do they create art and tools?
What is currency to them?
How do they settle differences?
Are there Bigfoot wars?
Can they breed with us?
Are we obliged to consider them when developing lands or when they grow sick and need medicine?
How do we control research without trapping and tagging them or making them feel threatened?
If we begin interactions with them and they interact back, will they come out of hiding?
What resources do we need to maintain so they can survive?
How do we learn about their population size?
What is their language? 
Are they resistant to yellow fever, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, Hanta virus and West Nile?
Can they contribute to our medical knowledge?
What is their origin--what part of the world did they start out in?
Do they vary in size/color/looks depending on regions or families?
How close do they get to us and we don't know it? Countryside dumpsters? Farms?

As you can see, we could list these questions all day and debates will begin and unless we determine immediately who has the authority to handle this, eager citizens could run to the national parks hoping for an encounter. 

And, a chilling thought; what is to stop someone from creating a Jurassic Park scenario with a trapped family on a property and renting rooms in cabins on the acreage for people to have BF encounters and feed them?

I'd like to see the dialogue begin now so provisions are in place when the time comes down.

Now, on a lighter side, how about a few Bigfoot meme's. I'd like to think he has a sense of humor, but perhaps we should add that to the list above.

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  1. Now I understand the possibilities of what a blog can be. Great job!

    You're going to think I'm crazy, but I'm going to suggest Bigfoot is actually a 'Quantum Creature' and therefore leaves no body behind. And I have jaw dropping evidence to prove it is more than just a possibility.

    Morgan Freeman subscribes to my YouTube channel (Accidental Scientist - Rick Kane) and suggests my evidence could be "world changing". It consists of creatures large and small that can't be seen with the naked eye. Some posing right next to me!

    I can show you every aspect of the paranormal world, including UFOs, Guardian Angels, and Orbs that will make you lose your lunch because you'll wonder if you could be one someday. I have several photos that literally made me sick to my stomach because the images were so insanely crazy.

    One of my 'Quantum Creatures' resembles a baby elephant and is photographed leaping out of the ocean like a great white, with an alien catch in its snout. This creature made no splash whatsoever is shown close to surfers just 50' away, and if a creature like this could be undetected then so could Bigfoot.

    In fact, just the other day I saw a show on Bigfoot where they interviewed a Native Indian who said Bigfoot could be standing right in front of you and you’d never know it. This of course would make Bigfoot a ‘Quantum Creature’ just like the ones you’ll see in my videos.

    My evidence will be disturbing to some, and very exciting to others. And even more exciting when you realize it's just life on earth as it's been for millions of years and not an alien attack getting ready to take place like some suggest.

    In fact, if not for two other worldly experiences in the early 90s my discoveries may not have ever happened. And it just so happens I have a ton of evidence now on those very type of craft I experienced 5 miles away on one occasion, and 100 miles away on another. So this has been going on for quite awhile.

    Add creatures that resemble known creatures of today and, yes, this IS our world!

    As of now I'm crazy to you. But, I can assure that if you check my work out you’ll know that you’re seeing is indeed very, very real!

    Rick K.