Monday, October 1, 2012

Best Horror Movies With Mannequins


Seriously twisted and awesome - This 1988 movie has a very "Psycho" feel. Two siblings raised by a physician father who used an anatomical dummy like a talking instructor for them, grow up. But, one of the siblings believes the mannequin lives. And, it compels him to make decisions that lead to death and destruction. Is Pin alive? Or is the young man insane? This is an easily missed but fantastically twisted movie.

The Fear

This 1995 movie involves a wooden tobacco store mannequin. A weekend group goes to a remote cabin for "fear therapy". While each person is working to conquer their worst fears, they all become terrorized by a living monster made of wood which stalks each of them in turn. This is dark and unsettling. Very cool watch.

Tourist Trap

This 1979 movies is probably the most unsettling mannequin movie of all time. A group of young friends stranded at a secluded roadside museum are stalked by the owner of the place, who has the power to control his collection of mannequins.This one has tons of mannequins and lots of insanity.


  1. some crazy stuff, it seems i remember an episode of night stalker years ago, i still have a love/hate relation for mannequins.

  2. I remember The Fear!!!!

    I love OCTOBER!