Saturday, October 27, 2012

$10,000,000 For Proof of Bigfoot?

I'm not thrilled about this one, but SpikeTV (can you call it DesperateTV?) is planning ten one-hour episodes of a reality show with a 10,000,000 bounty to prove Bigfoot. I don't see anything in the plans to protect Bigfoot from the disgusting reality that is reality TV and contestants that will rush the woodlands, public lands, perhaps in hopes of trapping, hurting, or killing a Bigfoot.

They supposedly have to show how to maneuver the countryside and have experts on Bigfoot to aid them. I'm disgusted. At least F'ing Bigfoot is funny and there's 4 people and a film crew who haven't a blessed chance in hell of disrupting a Bigfoot, but this could become very very dangerous and ugly and it might encourage even more antics in the woods by citizens.

I am not looking forward to this hot mess

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  1. Well said, I agree. Everything about it is pretty damn disgusting.