Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zombie Housewives of the 1960s: October 1st!

Wow! The second in Julie and I's Zombie Housewives series is being released on October 1st. It will be available on Kindle, in a cheaper black and white print version and a full-color collectible version that is super psychedelic and sexy (the ideal way to see the book).

This book will cover the 60s with a zombie scenario. It is urban fantasy, social statement, humor, and a chillingly realistic scenario for the segregation, interracial marriages, war, and turmoil of the decade.

We are so very proud of this book and all the enjoyment it will bring for the readers. From the vocabulary for the new reality to the humorous photos, the interviews with the housewives, and the explanation for the zombie scenario, it is just a one-sitting reading because you won't put it down!

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