Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Did Grant Wilson Leave Ghost Hunters?

It says a lot about your personality and your likeability when fans are really distressed that you left the public eye to pursue something the rest of us take for granted - a private life.

Grant Wilson explained eloquently on his site why he left Ghost Hunters show.

As adorably sweet, considerate and earnest as he was on the show, the man would like the chance to be a father, husband, writer, artist, musician, which I honestly think is probably a better use of his talents than trying to be a front man for a show about something that was a hobby in the first place.

I was, however, happy to not hear mention of him being a plumber anymore. I think we all didn't buy the Roto Rooter costumes any longer....

I hope they hang onto The Spalding Inn in Whitefield, New Hampshire. I have it on my list of must-see's when I hit the NE.  The rates are $99-159 which is very reasonable. They also have fun packages including a ghost hunting one.  The ghost package runs from November to February (sounds like the movie "The Shining") Here's the description:

Have you ever wanted to go ghost hunting? Enjoy a 2 night stay in our main building and 2 nights of ghost hunting in our historic carriage house. Feel free to bring your own ghost hunting equipment with you. No equipment? No Worries! you don't need fancy equipment to ghost hunt. A tape recorder and camera will be used by your guide during your tour. All evidence will be burned to CD for you. Learn about past experiences of guests and staff and learn about the history of the inn. Dress Warmly!
Package Includes:
- A 2 night stay in our Main House.
- Dinner for 2 on one of your nights here.
- A CD with pictures and audio of your experiences
Package Rate: Starting at $350 (for two people for two nights)
Each Additional Person is $75. Additional Nights Are Available!
On another note, tonight's September 19, 2012 episode of Ghost Hunters has the team going to New Orleans to the site of a fire that killed 32.

No matter how routine the show has become and the lack of growth in the field of research and the sometimes selling out to Syfy's dictates they include celebs on their hunts, this lovable bunch still inspires memes from me and here is one to make you smile -

It really is about a group of people searching for answers in their spare time, asking questions of the universe and how it works, and angling for more and more encounters to come to conclusions about our unexplained universe.

Oh, I so love my paranormal geeks - they are my tribe!



    This is one of the things on my ME list... go on a GHOST HUNT... and I could go THERE?! HOLY GUACAMOLE... I GOT TO TELL KLAY.

    I CAN'T!

    Or... you could venture to NE, and we could split the costs... how about it sis?

    1. Well, lil sis, if Julie and I hit that place, you will be the first we'd want to join us!

  2. It was because they were being asked to "create" more material to keep the show alive and interesting, and Grant didn't want to take the $ to make it fake...

  3. I miss Grant and his what the frig but I stay loyal to ghost hunters. The only thing I would suggest is maybe an older ghost hunter as a senior citizen we are very interested on what's on the other side. Glad All we ask is what ever Grant does he's happy
    A real fan

  4. Grant was the best