Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spooky Places: Black Mountain Australia

To the aborigines in Queensland, the black mountain is translated as "mountain of death."

Through the ages, many disappearances have been associated with this area. The first recorded one was in 1877 when a man and his horse went out looking for his cows and they all went missing. Years later, a constable hunted down a criminal there. He and the criminal disappeared into a cave never to be seen again. Numerous prospectors went missing. One local police man entered and when he came out, was so incoherent about what went on inside, he could not be understood.

One man entering with a torch and a revolver, came back to tell this story; "I stepped into the opening, like other Black Mountain caves it dipped steeply downwards, narrowing as it went. Suddenly I found myself facing a solid wall of rock, but the the right there was a passageway just large enough for me to enter in a stooping position. I moved along it carefully for several yards. The floor was fairly level, the walls of very smooth granite. The passage twisted and turned this way and tat, always sloping deeper into the earth. Presently I began to feel uneasy. A huge bat beat it's wings against me as it passed, however I forced myself on, to push further. Soon my nostrils were filled with a sickly musty stench. Then my torch went out. I was in total darkness. From somewhere, that seemed the bowels of the earth I could hear a faint moaning which was then followed by the flapping of wings of thousands of bats. I began to panic as I groped and floundered back the way I thought I had come. My arms and legs were bleeding from bumps with unseen rocks. My outstretched hands clawed at space, I expected solid walls and floors, but could not find it. At one stage where I had wandered into a side passage, I came to the brink of what was undoubtedly a precipice-judging by the echoes. The air was foul and I felt increasing dizziness. Terrifying thoughts were racing through my mind about giant rock-pythons I have seen around this mountain. As I crawled along, getting weaker and loosing hope of ever coming out alive, I saw a tiny streak of light. It gave me super strength to worm my way towards a small cave mouth half a mile from the one I had entered. Reaching the open air I gulped in lung fulls of it and fell down exhausted. I later found that I had been underground for five hours, most of the time on my hands and knees. A Kings ransom would not induce me to enter those caves again."

Reportedly, also a creature that is cat like is supposed to climb from the caves and climb the mountain and sometimes be seen by local and dubbed the "Queensland Tiger."

Josh Gates? I think we have a location for you, dear!

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