Monday, September 17, 2012

Spirit Halloween Store 2012

I was thrilled this year to find Spirit Halloween Store had veered away from the campy and ridiculous zombie babies and moved into very traditional horror. I found a couple things I would love to buy -- like one of these animatronics. The girl is life-sized and moves around randomly on a roller plate. The one on the swing is just totally badass!

Here's some vids - this one is a mockery of "essentially hers" section of female costumes. 

It seemed like the masks were especially good this year. I bought these two to add to my vintage-looking Halloween masks wall in my home office. I plan to convert the office into a total Halloween theme, both the holiday and Michael Myers.

The store was just a bit darker feeling this year which I appreciated a lot. I love the graveyard-themed things and traditional horror movie stuff and werewolves--cannot get enough of them--they are my favorite! Costumes still kind of reeked. It seems like either your choices are ridiculous like being a Tootsie Pop or Charlie Sheen or obscene as in the nearly topless female costumes for size 2's. I was thoroughly unimpressed. It's not Spirit Halloween's fault. It seems to be the trend for costumes. I do wish someone would get smart and do things like from the movie "Trick R Treat" or "The Strangers" that have a creepy vintage feel, unsettled, homemade, kind of dangerously unplanned....

All in all, this was the best genuinely chilling feeling store display I've seen there in the past several years. Hurray!

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  1. We have a Spirit Halloween by us as well, Emry and I have to take a pilgrimage there soon.