Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Significant Contributors to Bigfoot Research

I think it's important to consider where the public gets their information on Bigfoot and what influences they take on. There are some very reasonable and inquisitive, innovative and sincere people in the Bigfoot arena who aren't into carnival barker sideshow moneymaking or pumping up their egos to get adoration from a strange cult of Bigfoot that is forming in the industry. These hard-working folks are behind the scenes, going into the field, accumulating impressive amounts of information on Bigfoot and are willing to share it with us so we can come to our own conclusions.

I thought it was time to talk about some of these significant contributors to Bigfoot World and the ones that you should be getting your information from. Here they are in no particular order - 

MK Davis:  Known most recently for his release online of videos of Bigfoot and analysis, this video expert has been accepting videos and is willing to stabilize and clean them up and put them out there for the public to begin an honest discussion about Bigfoot, his habits, his intentions and his future.  You won't find MK running around trying to grab attention or cash for what he does. This man simply spends his free time reviewing videos nonstop. He is also known as the one to stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film so it could be viewed more reasonably. He's not only an affable and hard-working expert, but he leaves it up to the viewer to figure out what they think of the videos. He is the instigator of amazing and intelligent discussions on the subject. I will be interviewing MK for the blog for next Wednesday's post because after viewing his videos online and learning more about him, I am very pleased to find such a kind and wise soul in the BF world.

David Paulides: Author of the riveting books "Missing 411-Eastern United States: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans That Have Never Been Solved" and "Missing 411-Western United States: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans That Have Never Been Solved" Mr. Paulides also has a site called North American Bigfoot Search.  This expert in the field has an analytical mind and notices trends.  Sometimes, there is evidence that is so overwhelming, it cannot be ignored and this researcher has no issues bringing it into the open. He will be speaking here in Phoenix in a couple weeks and I plan to attend and report back.

Autumn Williams:  Author of "Enoch: A Bigfoot Story," a very informative book about habituator who has had a connection with Bigfoot and shares his story of the "Enoch" as he likes to call them. This researcher comes from an honest wellspring of wonder and awe, as she herself witnessed Bigfoot as a child and her encounters have fueled her desire to understand more of their ways by talking to habituators who live alongside Bigfoot and co-exist in harmony.

Harvey Pratt:  "The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California" with David Paulides and "Tribal Bigfoot" with David Paulides. This man with an artist's soul has a beautiful online store with Bigfoot inspired items and his books.  His extensive background in police forensic artistry makes him an amazingly inspired chronicler of Bigfoot.

Bobbie Short:  This impressive and energetic woman has not only searched our country for BF, but has gone to other countries in search of similar relatives of BF. She runs an amazing site that I consider the most reliable source of information, Bigfoot Encounters.

Thom Powell:  Author of "The Locals: A Contemporary Investigations of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomena," and "Shady Neighbors" with Guy Edwards. Thom is a science teacher and lover of the great outdoors.  This brilliant mind realized that Bigfoot existed across the continent and also regularly interacted with locals in rural areas. At the time he proposed this, he was scoffed, but today it is understood that this researcher was way ahead of his time in insight and open-mindedness.

Ed Fusch: An anthropologist whose research in the Spokane and Colville Indian Reservations discussing their long history of interactions with Bigfoot eventually led to, "S'Cwene'Yti and the Stick Indians of the Colvilles".
Chris Noel: You can find his films on ChristopherNoel on YouTube.  The author of "Impossible Visits," a book of great importance anthropologically about habituation sites and interactions people have with Bigfoot on a regular basis.

Peter Byrne:  We know this dashing Irishman mostly for his life-long forays into the Himalayas and the United States Northwest in search of Yeti and Bigfoot, but Mr. Byrne has more man hours in the field than anyone out there. His collective knowledge in the field sets him apart from all the youngsters in the biz. He was also associated with the great yeti-finger heist and pass-off to Jimmy Stewart who secreted it to the US from a monastery. When the world was shaking their heads at the notion of Bigfoot, Byrne was tirelessly representing the field of research and being a charming host to the world of nature and the unexplained. He wrote "The Search for Bigfoot (Monster, Myth or Man?)"

Robert W. Morgan:  Founded the American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF), which is an organization committed to researching and documenting everything pertaining to Bigfoot.  Writer of "Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual: A Practical and Easy-To-Follow Step-By-Step Guide To Your Very Own Face-To-Face Encounter With a Legend." Mr. Morgan has done extensive field research for many decades.

Up and coming ones to watch in the field:
Guy Edwards (Bigfoot Lunch Club)
JC Johnson (Crypto Four Corners)
Cliff Barackman ("Finding Bigfoot" Animal Planet)
Mike Rugg (Bigfoot Discovery Project)

Website (great source of Bigfoot info and evidence)

Blogs (regular interviews and up to the minute news)
Bigfoot Lunch Club
Bigfoot Evidence
North American Bigfoot

Facebook Group (troll-free and intelligent and insightful conversations)
Texas Unified Natural Research

Special thank you: To all those who silently follow and respect our neighbors, who do not seek name or recognition, money or fame, we appreciate your integrity and honor in your silent and diligent interactions that give the "others" some better experiences with the "hairless ones."

Books by these special people listed above -


  1. I applaud all these people for all their work in finding answers about BF, not doing it for publicity, and protecting the BF and their families.