Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Weird Science-the Ideal Man

Remember that scene in "Weird Science" where the teens hooked a Barbie doll up to a computer and invented their "ideal" woman?

When I went through the divorce, my list of an ideal man went like this -

well read, 
sense of humor, 
ambitious about whatever his passion is, 
drives a jeep, 
over 6-feet tall, 
dark hair, 
unshaven whiskers on the weekend, 
loves sex and doesn't mind snuggling, 
calls me pet names like "Babe," 
has no trouble with spontaneously giving a compliment or reaching out and touching me for no reason other than I am nearby and look touchable, 
loves the earth,
sometimes wears sandals
can eat vegan without complaining, 
prefers to live in Oregon, 
adores horror movies and action flicks, 
thinks Halloween is THE holiday of all holidays, 
can sing and play acoustic guitar, 
has a large family and is close to them, 
loves photography and road trips, 
is curious about science and the universe, 
liberal on social matters, 
conservative on fiscal matters, 
spiritual but not religious, 
no smoking, 
drinks socially, 
no drugs,
loves carnivals and drive-in movies, 
loves swimming and hiking, 
younger than me so he can keep up with me.

Soon after, I realized that such a man may not exist and if he did, he'd be boring because he'd be just what I pictured instead of what I found which is a gift onto itself. It's the things you don't see coming that are most thrilling, like a tendency to use bigger words than are necessary when discussing movies or a habit of collecting rocks on hiking trails.

I eventually settled down and realized that if I could get any 5 items off that list, I was a happy girl. The rest of the traits, well, I'd like him to unfold those like little birthday gifts as I get to know him.

No, there is no ideal man, but there are ideal surprises.


  1. I liked that there's nothing on your list about how much money he makes, or being ruggedly handsome. Your list is specific, yet practical.

    1. Thanks. For most women, whatever package the man who has those contents comes in, is the most handsome man in the world. So far as his income, as long as he loves what he's doing, it's glorious.

  2. I think it's a good way to rate potential mates. We all need to have standards. =)

  3. Awww shoot I don't match any of them!

  4. Barry, you are at least a dozen of them.

  5. what if i lied about all your 'requirements'? :P