Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review of Ghost Hunters New Season

The team, for the first time without Grant on-board, went to a jail. As I suspected, Jason teamed himself up with Steve. It's not a bad combination, but somehow, I feel like dad is giving the son the car keys but riding shotgun. I still get that expression from Steve that the whole team gives their leaders, like "What do you think it was, huh? huh? huh?" Jason and Grant trained the team by telling them what ghosts were, how they worked and all, that I feel sometimes like there is no one asking them questions or disputing their concepts. I'm not sure the team is allowed to have their own opinions. I'd like to see heated debates sometimes.

I'm not expecting the season to be awesome. Some of the team members are mind-numbingly boring and listless. If they don't change up their investigation techniques or add new members with some new talents, at least I hope they go to some locations that kick ass. Otherwise, I don't think I can do another season. I have missed most of the last several seasons. Okay, maybe not missed, more like I avoided them.

Admittedly, when the show first came out, I laughed that someone thought ghost hunting would be entertaining to watch. It is so tedious. But, I was pleased that Ghost Hunters at least showed people what the process is like, debunking, and also made it kind of hip to be geek. So, for that, the show has my eternal admiration. The first three seasons totally rocked.

I'm not sure if this is the last season, but if they want to breathe life into it, I do suggest they consider bringing on rotating experts who might give them new and innovative ways to go about investigating, maybe even have some experiments plotted out, or even go to unusual locations. 

Honestly, I just wish they'd go into a place and decide to attack it in a new way. There's no need to do that in a client's home, but in a place like a jail or public setting, they really should just go in and do something so completely new and adopt a strategy that tests things in a new way.

I'll check out the next episode, but I can't guarantee I'm on-board for the whole season. I wish they could win me back, but it would take some novel approaches on there for me to want to tune in and see what they're doing next. Otherwise, it's just them doing the exact same thing in different locations.


  1. They will never win me back. The fakery aside, the producers' goals and what I want to see are completely at odds with each other. They're entertaining the masses (many of whom have only an interest in ghosts, actually an interest in scares) and have never done an investigation--or likely ever will. It's fun for them, nothing more. The problem is thining that this Blair Witch, 'lights out' docu-style is the only way to showcase their efforts. I think if they let a team do its thing, shot it more cinematically (to heighten the atmosphere and 'spookiness' for the consumer) and intercut this with interviews, voiceovers, b-roll of historic footage, etc... they could create a better show. Oh, and try to shoot with some damn light. But, of course, they do this for a reason: things are less clear and far scarier in the dark.

  2. I watched it. In a head-to-head match with Ghost Adventures, I think GA did the better investigation of the jail.