Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Season Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters starts a new season without Grant with hints of it becoming something darker and more unsettling.

They can throw in all the hints of atmosphere they want, but until they change up their routine, it's going to be the same thing in a bunch of different locations.

I was thrilled when the series hit the air just so people didn't think ghost hunting was a freak hobby, but they had the potential to add on board some scientists, some engineers and lots of people that could help them move the research. Instead, they do the same routine every week including talking to a flashlight.

I'm not sure if I'll make it through this season, but I will give it a try once again. I honestly would have been happier if they dumped the whole team and just had Jason and Grant as two dudes studying haunted locales.

If they were to add another member, please let it not be a wrestler, rock star or Atlanta housewife, but perhaps a physicist, an electrical engineer, a parapsychologist with some new input for their hunting techniques.  

Hey, even Gilligan's Island had the Professor.


  1. I agree. I don't watch the show much anymore because it's gotten too routine. I wish they would bring in scientists but I just don't see that happening unless they find one that has a Josh Gates personality.

  2. I just wish they would ask some serious questions to help us understand why ghosts exists. They've had so many great opportunities and like you said instead they talk to flashlights. Or my favorite "if you make a sound, we'll leave" duh!

  3. don't do tv... don't care!

    btw, my old link was killed by google; click on my name for the new... :O

  4. were is Taps ? i want taps back on tv