Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview with MK Davis: "The Elucidator"

I have become so intrigued by the Bigfoot videos MK Davis has been releasing online for some time now, I just had to talk to this quiet man about his motivations and his take on all things Bigfoot and video evidence.

In his melodic speaking voice, MK explained to me that he was first involved in astrophotography of distant reaches of the galaxy. That focus on elucidating detail from vague images and keeping a steady hand to get the best possible photograph led to the skills that would make him established in the field of Bigfoot researchers.

 (MK's photograph of the Orion nebulae and a star)

MK applied a rule from astrophotography to the world of Bigfoot video; if you improve resolution of the film by 1%, you will find 10 new things.

I have decided to give this earnest expert the moniker,"The Elucidator." He earned that name not just from his hobby, but also from being the first to stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film. He began reviewing it in 1997 and then released the first stabilized images in the early 2000s. He believed by applying that 1% principle, the PG film would speak for itself. And the public listened.

Late at night after his family was asleep, so as not to disrupt the routine, exhausting all his spare time, tediously working by hand, he stabilized that film. When he hit the "preview" button, his jaw dropped. He was seeing it with such clarity that had never been viewed before.

Immediately, MK sent copies off to others. Bobbie Short put the film up on her Bigfoot Encounters site. Later, he replaced the black and white version with a color one. This film has been seen repeatedly over the years and even today utilized by other researchers attempting to learn more from this elucidated version. MK may not get credit and appreciation for what he did, but he had his hand in giving us the best images of Patty, which will likely go down in history as the first genuine film of a Bigfoot ever.

Although some associate MK with the "massacre" theory (that Patty in the Patterson-Gimlin film was actually shot with a gun), that was not a conclusion he suggested. He gathered all the visual evidence he could, shared it with a group of experts and allowed them to decide what to do with it and what conclusions to make. From their findings, these people released theories that caught on like wildfire and mutated over time and the telling.

If you look at his star photography, you can see that MK is of the belief--show me this world as clearly as you can and let me stand back, stare, and wonder. He does not spoon-feed people the answers, nor does he make money and fame from this endeavor. Like anyone with an expertise and determination, he has found his purpose and is living up to his potential to reveal to the world something they will need to come to terms with as our world gets smaller and Bigfoot becomes less elusive. 

If MK stopped at the Pattrson film, he already had achieved a major goal for a tenacious man who believes that if these things are there for us to study, we owe it to ourselves to meticulously clarify the film to make the best observations and theories and begin the discussion about this amazing find. 

You can see his character and his hard work in the recent series of videos he has been allowing to be viewed online. Many of these can be found at this YouTube Channel and are featured on Bigfoot Evidence and Bigfoot Encounters sites. He hopes to open a discussion, allow people to have the best possible images. He remarks his goal is for people to, "slow down and observe. They don't need to figure it out, but tuck it away. Then, when they're ready, look for answers." Like his trickling release of videos online, MK understands that viewers need to digest the cumulative videos and assimilate this introduction to a world rarely seen.

There has been a lot of talk amongst a certain crowd of irritable and angry trolls in the Bigfoot realm that these videos are from a hoaxer, but MK is assured these films were not taken by one person, but several and he has spoken to them all and understands the context in which they were taken and their validity.  As well, the videos were taken of such a great distance that it would be an exceptionally poor hoaxer who expects to use it as proof. He has also recently begun enhancing audio 2500 times over to find conversations going on with a language that is vague and unfamiliar, calls, whistles and grunts. A hoaxer who hoped to use such evidence would not record it at such a low level hoping that someone came along to amplify it thousands of times over to find it.  He also found a video with "Whitey" the white Bigfoot who goes onto all fours with a strange gallop that brings his feet up around his head as he leapfrogs at incredible speeds. MK saw a Bigfoot do this in person previously on a roadway. It passed 15 feet ahead of him in the headlights, crossing the road in that same on-all-four fashion that confounded and amazed him. This is not a common knowledge or an easy thing to hoax by any human.

MK is given videos from lots of people and if he finds something of worth in them, he will work them to the finest detail to allow us to see the best images and be able to come to our own conclusions. He will tell you what his expert eye see, but he is not willing to state a conclusion on anything as video can be a subjective experience for each viewer depending on their open-mindedness or their belief systems.

(With his eye for detail, as he uses in astronomy, he found Patty's footprints in the sandy ground)

Many don't realize this, but MK is an outdoorsman too. He has been all over the country and in the field, hiking, as well as going to the infamous Bluff Creek location on foot, and heading out with others on excursions to seek encounters. The fact that this technical expert wishes to understand the setting in which video is taken shows the integrity involved in his search for precise evidence.

He also filmed the largest tornado ever caught on video on April 24, 2010. MK says it was one of the most difficult things he'd ever done. He called it a "Yellow Tornado" because of the high amount of pollen in the vortex that gave it a yellow tinge.

It is obvious that MK appreciates nature, the wonders of our universe including the vast stellar finds and even those right here beside us awaiting refinement to appreciate. As he hones in on the stars, so does he on videos, giving clarification and elucidating from that which is vague so as a community of mankind, we can pause, study, and make conclusions on our own personal level.

His is a service that I appreciate and I applaud him for making these videos available and as clear as possible so I can begin to come to my own understanding of the "others."

When asked about more videos coming out, the studious researcher proclaimed, "oh yes."

And this interviewer smiled. 


  1. Wonderful interview and man. I like how he simply shows us the facts and let us draw our own conclusion. The videos are fascinating.

  2. This is bizarre. Interviews generally involve questions and answers. This reads like a prose piece or eulogy.

    1. Given the length of this interview and all this content for one posting, I did not include the questions. I have done this many times with interviews. It is easier for the reader to read in one long narrative than to be chopped up with question/answer format. The questions included, "how did you become an expert in video analysis?" "How did you get involved in the Patterson Gimlin film stabilization?" "Did you originate the massacre concept?" "Why do you think these videos are genuine?" "What are your hobbies and interests?" and "are more films coming out?" The formatting of this interview, like many of my interviews, was made to read smoothly. I found Mr. Davis to be very sincere and genuine, thoughtful and diplomatic, and highly intelligent. Given the sorts of attacks I have read online for the films he's released, I was compelled to seek him and out and find out why he's so controversial and I have found it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the films that unsettle people and cause resentment, fear, and frustration by viewers and those with hidden agendas in the field. He has my respect for putting up with the nonsense.

  3. It would be helpful to hear his actual words, not a paraphrase or summary.

  4. he's a trusted source ...very logical thinker