Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween Books I Love

Julie and I are also working on a book that will come out next October "Halloween For Adults" because we like to party as much as the kids. It will offer simple to put together, economic parties and then the parts can be reused for Trick-Or-Treat night for a home haunt set up.


  1. Those are awesome. I'm the first to admit: I suck at carving pumpkins. :D But I'd still love to flip through that book and give 'em another try. The cemetery book is cool. I've taken a lot of photos of funerary art in various cities I've lived. Some of the best have come from San Juan (PR) and in Mobile, AL. This December, I'm going back to Barcelona and I plan NOT to miss snapping some shots of the famous Kiss of Death statue in the cemetery there.

  2. Those are great choices. I always love Lesley's books and how can you go wrong with pumpkin carving! :)

    Thanks for sharing.