Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Jean Ghost

The Green Jean ghost is a popular figure amongst a lot of sites in Scotland. Here are just a few of the legends:

Ashintully Castle:  Built in the 1500s. This was the home of the Spaulding Clan. Even though the castle is known for a lot of ghosts, "Green Jean" is its most romantic figure. Thought to be the spirit of a young woman murdered by her uncle. It is said that her footsteps can still be heard as she walks the castle in sadness. In some tales she was murdered in a green dress, and then stuffed unceremoniously up the chimney by a servant. She is also said to wander the family burial ground.

Inverawe:  The ghost of a woman, with golden hair and wearing a long green dress, has been seen many times at Inverawe.  Known as ‘Green Jean’ one theory is that she is Mary Cameron, the Maid of Callart, once engaged to young Inverawe.  She contracted the plague and her adoring fiance took her to a cave on Cruachan where he looked after her until she had recovered.
He then married her.

Blairgowie, Pertshire:  In the mid 16th century two Drummond men, father and son, were ambushed and murdered by the Blairs, which didn't help Lady Jean's cause at all when she fell in love with a Blair! A union with such a murderous family was out of the question. Nor was the Blair family in favour of the match, for Patrick Blair had been beheaded for his part in the murder. Heartbroken, Lady Jean wandered out into the marshes . . . and never returned. Her ghost, however, dressed in green silk, divides her time between the two castles.

Whereas America has a lot of lady in white ghosts, it would appear that Scotland's variation is Green Jean. This romantic figure is found often in the ghostly culture. I find it a romantic and tragic figure along the lines of La Llorona. 

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  1. Never heard of the Scottish Green Jean, but I remember Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo.

    (It was rumored that he committed suicide, but in fact he died of cancer in 1987 - but who knows, maybe he's haunting some place too?)