Sunday, September 9, 2012

Death By Bath Salts?

A telephone salesman collapsed and died during a bizarre sex game after taking Bath Salts drugs - which has just been banned in Britain.  Paul Iles, 31, was experimenting with 'legal highs' during sex games where he wore a gas mask and wellington boots when he died. More here. 

There have been an increasing number of insane behaviors by people using synthetic marijuana, often called "spice." 

Want to know how dangerous it is? Besides heart attacks, arrhythmias and panic attacks, folks on this drug have - 

Eaten a dog alive
Threatened people
Eaten people
Bit people
Gone naked in public
Ate a roommate
Trying to rape a sister
and many more horrible attacks as well as a high incidence of heart attacks.

This is not how the zombie apocalypse should go down, so lay off it people. Get high on life or running 8 miles. Put the sellers of synthetic marijuana out of business for good.


  1. That stuff has been banned here in my state... there have been a host of negative reports from the use of this mess... who even comes up with the idea of trying this kind of synthetic drug?

    Gone naked in public?

    I have possibly done that... :oD


  2. Well.. somewhat public places...


  3. I saw this the other day and thought it was funny

  4. **SIGHS**

    Beginning of the end.
    I swear.

    I think these "Legal" Drugs are actually put out by the government as a Population Control Attempt.

    Stay away.