Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dale the Doll: A Face Only a Maker Could Love

I know what humans think of ventriloquist dolls; that we are dummies. We are anything but dumb! Our comedians would not be able to come up with good material without our psychic input. We feed them the lines. They do not feed them to us. 

Humans seem to think that we dolls are creepy. That is far from the truth! We actually are beautiful in the eyes of our dollmakers. Here are some wonderful examples of how very handsome we can be -


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  1. i agree dale it is always funny how we dolls get a bad rap .. some peopel(espacaly Ladies) kind of find me (Joe ) hypnotic and fun to be around. thanks for the uplifting artical. Ps My owner I like him he is cool but i rather hang out with ladies in the house wink wink ..(me being incubi and all ..