Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chupacabra in Ukraine?


In the village of Chemer in the Ukraine, locals were seeing some weird creatures and a man killed one with a pitchfork. The media described it as a hairless fox-looking animal. It possessed a long, tail, long canine teeth, and hopped like a kangaroo on its hind feet. A supposed autopsy showed it lived on mulberries. For now, they are calling it a mutant or a hybrid breed. The locals have reported their chickens and rabbits being attacked and thus the chupacabra term has come up. The chupacabra is often described as being part kangaroo, reptile, coyote and alien.

The concept of alien DNA manipulation is a fairly popular concept. Some say that's why we have what appears to be bumps in the evolutionary process and why we have sightings of moth man, horse man, dog man, lizard man and even Bigfoot.


  1. Sad they killed such an interesting cryptid.

  2. Wow … Dudes & dudettes, it's a poor fox with plain, old, common, everyday Sarcoptic mange … I had one such fox come through my back yard (I live in a considerably undeveloped bucolic area) a few times a couple of years ago. How come the once demonically described legendary "goat-sucker" is now reduced to a mere canid? Damn. Poor thing. I hope the Ukraine local in point sustains a similar fate.