Bosnian Pyramids

This shows promise as a very significant archaeological find. I think a lot of what we once considered impossible is going to be revealed in coming years and we will all have to change our views on anthropology and archaeology forever.

**Tomorrow, I have an amazing interview with MK Davis, made famous for being the first to stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film. He has recently been releasing videos that have some awesome Bigfoot evidence on them. Come here tomorrow and learn more about this gentle, intelligent researcher. 


  1. Wow … I so hope that the Bosnian Pyramids are the real deal, Sharon. As I had offered elsewhere, the only other ancient archaeological artefact ascertained to be older than the Pyramids of Egypt thus far is Newgrange in County Knowth, Ireland, which you have got to see for yourselves one day. If this Bosnian find is actually authentic, it will, as you say, totally revoultionise archaeology. Cheers ~ (•8-o

  2. Good find...hope to hear more about this.


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