Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Ancient Skulls

I am intrigued by the dozens and dozens of stories and supposed photographs of giant skulls discovered around the world. The problem is that many photos are hoaxes and the stories are generally not supported by true traceable sources or actual skulls to evaluate.

Here's some of these unsupported tales which are titillating to say the least -

The Mica Giant
In 1879, a burial mound in Brewersville, Indiana yielded another giant skeleton, according to the November, 1975 edition of The Indianapolis News. This one reached 9 feet 8 inches tall! It wore a necklace of mica stone, and a crude human effigy of clay was found standing at his feet. The giant skeleton was examined by scientists from Indiana and New York, and it remained in the possession of Mr. Robinson, who owned the land on which the mound stood. Unfortunately, the curious bones were washed away in a flood in 1937.

Copper Man
The December 17, 1891 issue of the respected journal Nature reported the discovery of a giant man buried 14 feet within the center of one of Ohio's mysterious burial mounds. The enormous man's arms, jaw, arms, chest and stomach were all clad in copper. Wooden antlers, also covered with copper, rested on either side of his head. His mouth was filled with large pearls, and a pearl-studded necklace of bear teeth hung around his neck. Who this man was, or to which race of people he belonged, is unknown.

Red Giants
In 1911, miners were digging out layers of guano from a cave located about 22 miles southwest of Lovelock, Nevada when they happened upon the mummified remains of an individual who must have stood 6½ feet tall when alive. A tall Native American, perhaps? Probably not, since the mummy was still crowned with "distinctly red" hair. Amazingly, the ancient legends of the local Paiute Indians described a race of red-haired giants - called Si-te-cahs - who were the enemies of many Indian tribes of the region.

For more of these tales - check here and here.


  1. just watched letters from big man i have to see

  2. Your lack of knowledge on the subject simply shows your lack of homework... Columbia, Peru, even the skulls from Lovelock Cave in Nevada, all giant skulls easily attainable, as are the skulls from the Adena "Indians" right here, again, in the US. There ARE ALSO MANY FOSSILIZED GIANT HUMAN TRACKS ACROSS THE WORLD, ESP THE MIDDLE EAST, EVEN here in AMERICA, BUT i SUGGEST YOU GOOGLE GOD'S fOOTPRINT IN SOUTH AFRICA... 4 feet in length, echoeing tales of Native Americans and The Hebrew Midrash. Why is it so hard to believe our planet was once full of giant monsters called ddinosaurs but not giant humans? Bigfoot, now proven by vetted DNA, stands 10 feet. I suggest you look at the 12 tribes in the Bible or Rex Gilroys Giants of Australia, even S8int,com. But ONCE AGAIN, AMERICANS ARE THE OLNY CULTURE WHO DO NOT EXCEPT THIS AS FACT. HUNDREDS OF REPORTS OF GIANT GRAVES RESOUND ABOUT IN THE 1700's AND 1800'S, RIGHT HERE, AGAIN, IN THE US, But LIKE ufoS AND bIGFOOT, just DO YOUR HOMEWORK. jUST BECAUSE SCIENCE SAYS SOMETHING DOESNT EXIST IS NO REASON TO DOUBT EYEWITNESS REPORTS, HOMEGROWN SCIENCE HAS BEEN SHOWING MODERN SCIENCE THEY NEED TO RE-evaluate THEIR WORK ETHIC ie: their refusal to publish vetted SASQUATCH DNA. WE ignore thousands, if not millions of eye witnesses foolishly. Ghosts, Sasquatch and Giants, are a very real part of ou world. Thousands of unexcavated mounds acoss the US may hold the answers, but go unresearched because Native Americans claim them as their heritage, even though they freely admit Giants were here and owned the land before their arrival. Their own legends speak of winning the land through war from giants who carried buffalo kills around like so many rabbits.

    1. You seem to be quite passionate on the subject, but you might want to use my search bar on the right to find a lot more I have covered about ancient giants. Yes, ancient giants did exist. But, there are also extraordinary online hoaxes, as well, just as there are sometimes blobsquatches and hoaxes in the Bigfoot world and those who think orbs are ghosts.

  3. Well there are a lot of hoaxes and its good to be cautious but there is also a vast amount of evidence for very tall people who did exists and even in today world there are people who reach 7 feet similar to some of the fossils height that have been found, i think there were giants back in the past since their gene mutation is showing up even today but humans were not supposed to tower above others in terms of the way we were made and biological reproduction unless some very tall being/s had come and mixed their genes with humans. This is very clearly stated in the Bible and in many other ancient civilizations that dealt with these deity's.