Alien Babies?

In October 2002, a family vacationing in Southern Chile found what looked like an alien fetus. Reporters came to meet the family and see the "alien."

UFO Casebook: Julio Carreno, the child that found the tiny creature, was the one in charge of showing it to members of the media. Carefully and jealously guarding it, he brought it inside a first-aid kit box, still marked with a red cross.  As he opened the box, the journalists were astounded to see the tiny humanoid-like creature, lying in the center of the box, among carefully placed cotton material. "It has changed color since we had found it. It used to be more pinkish; now, it has turned darker. May be it is turning darker because we are keeping it in the refrigerator", he explained. And indeed, some areas of its tiny body look almost as dry as a red pepper. The first thing that caught the attention of the journalists was the size of the skull in relation to the body. The fingers -located on what appear to be the hands- seem to have quite long fingernails: "They seem to be continuingly growing", CarreƱo said. The slanted-shaped eyes, although closed, can easily be seen. They are located on each side of the head. The body, almost in its entirety, somehow appears to be mummified. In some parts of the extremities, tiny black stains can be seen. The carcass is very light and fragile; it is for that reason that it is kept inside the first-aid box with cotton inside. "We keep it inside the box to avoid causing any damage," they said.

In 2007, a farmer in Mexico supposedly found an alien baby and drowned it out of fear.

What can we glean from this? Well, there are more reported UFO sightings in this part of the world, as well as lots of interesting finds like the Starchild Skull in Mexico. It is a land rich with active geology and mining, as well as having huge sparsely populated areas. If you were going to come to a planet and want a place with resources and anonymity, wouldn't this area be ideal? Just a thought.

Then, again, I'd hate to think that a creature so highly intelligent as to get to Earth from long distances can't even keep an eye on his children. As these bodies don't seem to be accessible to scientific inspection by any verifiable means, I guess we can put this one away as just bizarre and kind of fun and creepy.

If anything comes from it, it helps us to ask more often, "what if???"