Friday, August 17, 2012

Upcoming Ghost Movie: "Blood Fare"

“Blood Fare” is a Civil War ghost story with a modern twist, by J.A. Steel and Co-Producer Christian K. Koch.  It is the tale of Corporal Henry Trout (S. Edward Meek - “Wild Stallion”), who in 1861 fought valiantly in a forgotten skirmish after the first battle of Bull Run.  150 years later, he will come face to face with his descendants as the battle for blood continues on a haunted battlefield.  Tyler (Brandi Lynn Anderson from the upcoming Syfy original series “ZEROS”) and her brother Chad (Adrian West), Henry's fifth generation grandchildren, will challenge the very legend of Charon the Ferryman, as the lines between the living and the dead become blurred.

Admittedly, having grown up in a Civil War hospital and digging up relics my whole child and wandering battlefields, historic sites and reenactments, I am stoked about this movie. They got some amazing special effects folks involved and it promises to be a sleeper hit.

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