Friday, August 17, 2012

She's Goth, She's Dark, She's Kreepy Girl!

She's goth, she's spooky and she's oh so fun! Kreepy Girl is the design of a dear friend of mine who has a blog devoted to her. If you are goth in any way, streampunk, or just like hot chicks who are a little bit dangerous-you must join his blog.

Pick up some Kreepy Girl items for men, women, children, and household items--too fun!

Want more references?  He designed this banner and badge for my blog and both these book covers for me -

But, wait - there's more! He has a fantastic paranormal blog Strange State from which his book Strange State is based upon and he has a horrifying book about ghost hunting called The Mound.

When there's this much talent wrapped up in one package, all I can say is - the package is pretty sweet too--inside and out!

Cullan is a nice guy and so talented that I'm terribly envious and also extremely proud!


  1. Oh jeez. I just blushed when I looked at his picture.
    Dear Lord that's a handsome man, and as I am sure he is reading this... WOW... Dude seriously, you have some GREAT GENES!

    Art work is awesome!

  2. I love Cullan's work. He is one talented man!

  3. He does have crazy writing skills and art skills and human being skills-just super nice and kind.

  4. (blushes) thanks, guys--esp. Sharon for being such a big fan. I just hope I can put out interesting work that people can identify with and enjoy.