Monday, August 6, 2012

Rain Spell

Most of the country is well and truly sick of the dry, hot, record-breaking summer.  I pulled up a map for a friend of the counties in her state and asked her what county she was in. I drew some rain drops on it and wrote "rain" on the county and within a few hours--it rained finally. Did I cause the rain? No, but as a psychic, I also know that you don't pick up messages until you're ready to answer them. I acted on it, because on some level, I felt there was potential for rain.

So, how do we do rain spells? I will tell you the one I have that is 97% effective. I say this also because my flesh and senses can tell that it's primed for rain. I just encourage it to fall where I am, I imagine drawing it to me like a magnet to metal.

Standing in a pool, lake, or body of water, face north. Cup your hands, fill them with water, close your eyes and let it drip through your fingers while you imagine as best you can the sounds of rain on the pavement, the street gushing with water, the slicing rain coming in at an angle, the icy feel of it.  Say in your mind, "rain rain, come this way, don't wait another day" twice.

When your hands are empty, turn to the east, do the same, imaging rain with all your senses and saying "rain, rain come this way, don't wait another day" twice.

Do the same to the south.

Do the same to the west but this time open your eyes and as you say the phrase twice, part your hands up towards the sky and apart and let the water drip as you feed the moisture to the sky.

I just gave away a sacred ritual I invented that has been extremely helpful for me. I hope it helps y'all too.