Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quiver: Make the Movie Happen!

A rising star in the horror writing field wrote a book called Quiver.  The book involves a small-town sheriff and a werewolf in Washington State. Happily, that book is being made into a movie and you can help! It's taken into Indiegogo to make this project happen. Some of you might be aware that a recent break-out hit "Letters From the Big Man" was made possible by Indiegogo and is having an amazingly popular run in sales for that unique Bigfoot movie. This new way to launch a project is making it possible for people to be a part of the process and cheer it on. Be sure and check out the blog that covers the progress of the movie. On Facebook, check out the production company - Transmedia Studios.

Facebook Transmedia studios

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  1. I think that's how Planet Weird got funded I have been wanting to do a little film project myself one of these days, but I need to find an experienced and talented crew. I don't have the skills to pull it all off. I might be able to shoot the footage, but they say 50% of telling the story is in the editing.