Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pangboche Hand

What is so creepy about a hand? What if it's a supposed yeti hand?

The hand was held by a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Skeptics say it was not the hand of a yeti, but a fraud. 

Tom Slick, the wealthy adventurer and his sidekick, Peter Byrne, the dashing Irish Bigfoot/Yeti hunter, supposedly secreted some of the bones to have analyzed in the 1950s. 

The story gets more interesting. Supposedly Peter smuggled them into India where he handed them off to James Stewart, yes, the actor, who smuggled them home in his luggage. 

Wikipedia: In the 1950s, William Charles Osman Hill, a primatologist, studied photographs of a relic from the Pangboche monastery in Nepal called the Pangboche Hand, which was claimed to be the hand of a Yeti, and decided that it belonged to an unknown anthropoid. However, after the a few bones from the relic were smuggled out of Nepal and brought to him for examination, he concluded that the bones had belonged to a human. He reportedly changed his mind later and declared the bones belonged to a Neanderthal. In 1961, Osman Hill published an article entitled "Abominable snowmen: The present position". After examining the evidence available at the time, he and other researchers decided that although the Yeti might still exist, the evidence was not conclusive. In time, he lost interest in the matter due to a lack of new evidence.

The hand was apparently stolen from the monastery. Its origins and its hiding place are all unknown.

I love a yeti mystery and if you do - these movies might delight you.

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