Monday, August 6, 2012

Mysteries Beneath Our Noses:The Bodies of the Moi

In this new series, I will discuss mysteries under our noses. We think we have it all figured out, but the world keeps giving us new shocks-- like the largest pyramid found in Guatemala--the biggest structure in the history of the world--went unnoticed until the 20th century! I admit I started college as an archaeology major and then thought to move to anthropology. I grew up digging up relics from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and placing them in our display cabinets. I cannot think of much that is more exciting than unearthing mysteries. What is a bigger mystery than the Moi statues on Easter Island which -- apparently have bodies!


  1. i didn't know they had bodies either!

  2. My Uncle had several deer heads mounted on the wall of his den and I convinced a cousin that the rest of the deer was hanging on the other side of the wall. That poor little kid looked all over the house for the deer body.

  3. Re: The Easter Island heads... Hell, I didn't know that either!!!