Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Lizard Man and Hollow Earth

There is a delicious theory that there is a Hollow Earth and within that inner world, there are reptilian beings. One Missouri spelunker reported he'd seen a reptilian man in a cave. Lon, my favorite paranormal reporter Phantoms and Monsters site, had a great post on this.  Here's a passage below and for the rest, go here.

The passageway was only a few feet long but it was just too narrow for me to move through. As I looked through the opening there was a very warm draft of air hitting my face. As well, the air had a very acrid vinegar-like odor. There was a very large and well lit 'room' with limestone walls. I noticed a small vehicle that looked like a golf cart but was very low to the ground and without wheels. I continued to observe until I started to hear voices that were getting louder and nearer. Something was making its way towards the vehicle. I had to rub my eyes because I didn't believe what I was looking at.

This 'creature', because it was not a man, stood about 7 foot and had brown scaly skin. The face and head were shaped like a human with a flat nose but there were no ears or hair. The top of the head had a slight scaly ray or ridge that extending down the back of the neck. From what I could see it had lips and regular sized eyes. The arms were very long and muscular with human-like hands. It also had a massive 4-5 foot tail that tampered to a point. It was dressed in a gold metallic outfit with long pants and shoes. It also carried an oval pack attached to its back.

This has been a part of discussions about aliens potentially within the earth instead of outer space. Also, the concept of aliens visiting and hiding out there, perhaps performing genetic experiments have also been entertained. Dog man, lizard man, and even half man/half horse beings are reported. Sounds like a genetic experiment, hmm? But, where would you launch such a thing with earthlings living on the earth? How about within the earth???

If you're still creeped out, consider some of these movies to satisfy that curiosity about subterranean monsters-


  1. Looks like Lizard man needs some facial wash. lol.

  2. Good blogticle, this, so thanks for doing it, Sharon. Funnily enough, I was just going to recruit my long-time fellow Inner Earth correspondent, Cherry Hinkle of Reno, to contribute here, since she has had encounters of many different types, some of them with reptilians. But, as the Fates would have it, I just went to her fb page & she had a posting about deleting comments from anyone if they have expletives in them. That would encompass requesting her to contribute to your Mind Fuck Tuesday piece. Oh, well.

    I gno I've dropped this link before. In it, there's a recapitulation of a boy's close encounter with a reptilian. Strangely enough, though, out of all the Hollow Earth and/or Inner Earth literature I have ever come across, the reptilian entity is actually not that common a'tall a denizen thereof. Safe journeys ~ (•8-D