Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make Money For Being Creative!

You gotta love our times! Sure, we have issues, every decade does, but now people who hate their freaking daytime jobs, those ones that either no longer match their 401K, make them do the work of 4 people so they don't have to hire, or give 2% raises (if even that), can now get excited about their real passions--creative endeavors--and make money at it!

 Createspace Are you an author? An independent moviemaker? Have a workout video you made? Perhaps a musician? Want your book in print? How about your DVD indie movie? Your music CD? Createspace makes it simple to not only produce them, but sell them on Amazon and with extended distribution, to other outlets around the country.

Julie and I opened a shop for our Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse and our Paranormal Geeks logos in Cafepress where folks can go and order the logos on shirts, hats, cups, puzzles, shower curtains, pillows, you name it!

Do you make your own soaps? Necklaces? Dolls? Creepy photography? How about selling it yourself on Etsy They even have an "alchemy" option where potential buyers can pay you to do custom work too.  Julie has a shop on there.

Kickstarter  If you have a great concept for a book or an independent film -- get backers! You set up increments people can donate in depending in how much you need to earn for the project and you offer them things for each offering, for example -- for $5 they get a signed bookmark, for $25, they get a copy of the DVD.

Indiegogo  Just like Kickstarter-get your excited funders backing you.

There's no excuse not to chase a dream these days. 


  1. Speaking of which, I just posted a new Kreepy Girl image that I will upload to cafepress soon. I will do a few more new ones over the next week or so.