Thursday, August 2, 2012

Invisibility: A Future Possibility?

It may not be happening tomorrow, but the potential for future use of invisibility is a very real possibility. Cornell University has managed to make an event hide for a fraction of a second. They hid an event for 40 trillionths of a second, according to a study appearing in Thursday's edition of the journal Nature. We see events happening as light from them reaches our eyes. Usually it's a continuous flow of light. In the new research, however, scientists were able to interrupt that flow for just an instant. 

Now, scientists at the University of St. Andrew in Scotland are working on a material for military uniforms that could reduce visible light and give an invisibility appearance. So far, this has been done on flat hard surfaces, but not on flexible fabrics and that is where the research is now growing.

I find this Japanese technology especially exciting. You have a computer, video camera and projector, so you wear specialized clothing and the camera films what's behind you and projects it onto the fabric and so people are seeing what is behind you, which makes you appear --nonexistent.

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