Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes: Black Hooded Robe

 A new series leading up to Halloween - "Easy Halloween Costumes." This first one is what to do with a black hooded robe. You know, the monks/druids/wizard gown.

- These are all Druid-themed costume concepts from one gown - 


Autumnal Druid: This one, I cut big long ovals out of the upper arms, cut a deep V-shape in front, and slits up to the hip in the legs and turned it into an autumnal druid. I got at the craft store autumn leaf garlands that are twisting vines with metal wire inside them so you can shape them. I poked holes in the cloth, ran the vines through the holes and across the opening to another hole, like lacing shoes. I made a necklace of the vine with acorns and acorns rings and such.

Stone Druid:  Get a white mask from a craft store (above) Paint it dark gray. Then, take tan and light gray and sponge them onto the mask in a blotchy pattern. You can add some dark thin veins like marbling. Use makeup on your hands to match the effect. Along the hem of the gown, paint with light gray paint the pillars of Stonehenge in a circle around the hem like the actual circle, about 1-foot tall.

Raven Druid:  Take a half mask from the craft store and a bag of black feathers. Paint it black. Glue the black feathers onto it to cover it, aiming them outwards. Take a subscription cardboard insert from a magazine and paint it dark gray. Let it dry. Now, cut it into a triangle. Fold it down the center lengthwise. Glue it to the mask to make a beak. Use black gloves, attach a few black feathers to the backs of them. If you want, attack a stuffed raven from the craft store or Halloween stop atop each shoulder.

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