Monday, August 6, 2012

Cryptid Bodies?

This crazy cryptid (above) showed up in Minnesota as a road kill. Look at the weird tufts of hair atop its head and crazy nails. A badger with mange? It's possible

This blob washed up in Barbados (above)

The Montauk Monster (above) started the real popular craze of finding weird animal carcasses that were strangely hard to identify. It washed up on shore in Montauk, NY in 2008 and many who always wondered about the military facilities at Montauk began to wonder if hybrid breeds were being created in an underground facility.

This hairless leathery fellow found (above) in Texas was proclaimed a chupacabra or goat-soaking cryptid. Some believe it to just be a dog hybrid with mange disease, making its hair fall off.

This supposed chupacabra body (above) was found in a barn in Texas

This 55-foot beast washed up on shore in China