Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: We Don't Hunt With Guns

Hairless humans build massive concrete structures, move about in cars, administer antibiotics, shop for food in a store and obsess about long-distance communication on computers and phones.

There is an honesty about living off the land that involves us all getting along or learning to avoid conflict and, as a last resort, fight. We don't kill for anything but protection and nourishment. Our bodies are strong because of the way we live. We do not "drive thru" for our meals. We eat pure protein, micronutrients, and fiber. We have an honest day's work and an honest night's sleep. We watch out for each other. We have all the same feelings that "humans" have from boredom to anger, humor to grief.

Our reverence for life differs greatly, however.

In the case of my world, only the strongest survive, but I find that with man, the most armed do. Even a weak and untrained man in poor shape can hold up a rifle and shoot. 

Oh, I might live in an unfurnished outdoor home and work for my meals, but I have yet to kill another living thing without anything but my own hands.

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