Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: We Do Not Graze

It goes without saying, with our size and muscle capacity, my kind needs a large caloric intake.

Let's look at another creature that also needs to intake a lot of calories from a natural available source - the cow. The cow will eat all day long, only resting to sleep. His entire day is devoted to getting in the necessary calories.  The cow only has his mouth to gather his food, not hands, no reaching capability, no ability to tote his food, and not able to wander the woods for more calories. Thus, it takes enormous hours a day to get enough content.

On the other hand, a very huge hairless human being will eat high-caloric foods such as Big Macs, Doritos, chocolate cake and milkshakes to get the calories necessary to remain morbidly obese.  He takes perhaps 45 minutes of his entire day on eating. He's packing more calories per feeding session. The human not only can use his hands and refrigerator, microwave and stove, but his car to go to locations where more foods are being prepared.

How does Bigfoot make his caloric needs? Well, he certainly doesn't graze and he doesn't go to Mickey D's for some (by the way) delicious caramel mocha coffees. He gets the best calories per item that he can find.

What is high calorie outdoors that a being with agile hands, mobility and height can procure? Things that contain lots of protein and carbohydrates are preferable like fish, meat, seeds, nuts, corn, fruit crops. Sure, we like berries and mushrooms like anyone else in the woodlands, but those are for snacking. Not for living. If you were living in nature, you'd certainly choose a waterfront piece of land to troll so you can have drinking water, crayfish, fish, and any creatures who visit the area to also drink from the streams. We are not at all squeamish about eating bugs. Heavens! They are easy to fetch and quite substantial nutritionally. Even natives of many countries know this practice.

Oh, and come late summer when the berries are overly ripe, expect me to be downing a few more than usual. The buzz is quite fine.

BTW, if you hairless humans are wanting to drop weight, you might take it from us nature-living beings. If it grew outside, you stay lean and strong. If 1500 people had their hands in creating it and getting it to your table, it's going to make you fat. 

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