Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Survival Skills

It's easy to see that hairless humans have a lot of tools at the ready should they need them. To go from spot A to spot B, they drive, ride bikes, fly, and take boats. To get down a snowy mountain, they use skis. To wash their dishes, they run a machine and use a sink with running water. They are so far removed from the source of their nature as a biological life form, that they might as well be helpless.

We call them "noisy beings." Always riding in loud vehicles, winding their way on ATCs into the wilderness, talking, laughing, playing radios, and shooting guns. Noisy, noisy, noisy.

Some humans might judge us because we don't run around using with motion detector doors to get into stores or cooking in ovens, but as lost as we Bigfoot might be in their world, they would be in a world of hurt in ours. We have seen them sometimes, get lost and turned around without the basic sense of direction. Without water, warmth or the ability to discern what is edible and what is not, they can die in hours on a cold night or days in the hot weather. Now, Bigfoot might be a little lost in the noisy cities, but we would survive.  We wouldn't like it, but we could do it.

I'm not sure at what point we separated into two camps; one that wanted to live in shelters and another that wanted to live by his own two hands, but we do have two worlds. I don't venture into the humans' world and chop down trees, litter and set fire to their homes.

I would hope they'd give us the same respect. And, as my buddy, Smokey the Bear says, "only you can prevent forest fires."

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