Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Do We Love Zombies?

We're not allowed to kill this zombie (above)

But, we can kill this one (below)

Perhaps the best reason is this - like the "enemy" in wars, zombies are humans we are allowed to kill and actually encouraged to do so.  They don't care about us, our feelings, our lives, or our pleas.

Can you think of anything else that needs to leave the face of the earth more than a compassionless robot? (insert here, your boss, the folks on the phone representing Dell customer service, the neighbor with the barking dog).

Is it really killing if they're already dead? Hmm.... The mind can accept the killing of zombies quite easily compared to something that is living like a human or an animal.

We love zombies because we can stop the thing trying to get in our way and stop us from our goals. We make the world a better place. By killing a zombie, we save dozens of lives!

Can there be a more noble cause?

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