Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Transient Ghosts

They come and go like it's a bus station.

I hear people often talk about issues with transient hauntings. They might have lived there a long time and never run into problems, then BOOM! Or, they had some haunting problems in the kitchen with a little girl's voice and then later in the bedroom felt a male presence who came and then went after a week's time.

These transient hauntings are very common. One haunting that fits into that category is the recent loved one who passed on and visited and then over time, disappeared. Different voices, different feelings, different features, different places in the home--all typical features in transients.

I recently talked with someone with the issue of a new entity talking to her child. Some children and some people are simply good receivers of communications from the other side. Like the ghost whisperer, entities will approach and see if the person notices them.

It's like this - You're in Italy and you go up to all the shop owners, speaking and hoping to find the one who speaks English. So it seems to be in the spirit world. Some of us are capable of feeling a presence, others of stopping and noting it, and a few exceptional ones will hear or see them.

When we get transients, we can get beings hoping to make contact, realizing we don't understand them, and move on.

In the case of transients, nothing needs to be done. If you ignore the situation, it resolves itself. There are a few who feel better about opening a Bible or saging a room in order to clear it of entities and that is purely a personal choice.  You will also find this more likely to happen when you move into a place that has been vacated a long time, if you have children, if you have recently lost a loved one -- that seems to make you more open to the other side, and if you have undergone major surgery or life-threatening illness. There are moments in our lives, where time slows down for us and we are out of sync with the mainstream, such as depression, illness, grief. Those times are the most often periods we are plagued with transients. Perhaps its our change in perspective of what is important, or changing our routine so we slow down and notice things.

Whatever the reason for transients, all you need to know is that they are travelers in a train station and will move on.


  1. I still havent seen a single ghost! lol.

  2. After I had Emry... we had a big problem in our apartment. No joke.
    And it was only in my room (where we kept his crib).
    I have pictures of the weirdest stuff that would just materialize on camera.
    Eyes... A whole face....
    The bathroom light would turn on.. The bathroom and bedroom door would open and close with purpose. Click closed and re open...

    After awhile I figured Emry was ... giving the attention to keep it going and having no idea.

    We had to sage the house.
    I also had to start putting Emry to bed in the living room until it cleared up.

    It was an intense few months.

    1. Not at all surprising. This can be a common thing if you have a deceased relative who would want to not only check on Emry's safe passage to the human plane, but also perhaps give you a "heads up" that they are there.

  3. Fascinating post - I like your observations about times of stress/grief slowing time down. May I quote your remark in a blog post?

  4. Great, tyvm - it is mentioned in a post going up on my blog, on July 20. Very interesting idea that people suffering from grief experience slowed time and opens people up to ghosts.

  5. My husband had a man named Johnathan Reed come into him when he was having kidney failure. My husband was gone for 2 months and I lived with Johnathan for 2 months until one day my husband came back. My husband described a place he called purgatory and he spent the 2 months he was gone trying to get out. He said he finally made it to the top of this really tall brick wall and then jumped. He said he wanted to die instead of being in that horrible place of death. We thought that Johnathan was gone but hes coming back in my husband's dreams. My husband keeps a journal and he will start writing in English but always changes to another language. I have written what he wrote in the Google translation and he is actually writing in the Welsh language and the things he writes are actual sentences when translated into English. What do I do to help him get rid of Johnathan forever?