Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Break! Take It!

Come on, you know every summer you still anticipate school breaks and car trips, ice cream and sunshine, chlorine and summer shows, and hours of nothing to do, days of nothing plotted out but mischief and laziness....

Some ways to make it summer break again - 

Eat watermelon at a picnic table and without a plate
Chase down the ice cream man
Read a book in a hammock
Rub yourself down with coconut oil or Coppertone and sunbathe
Do a handstand in the pool
Make smores
Cut up your favorite fruits of summer; cherries, berries, peaches, melons
Make popsicles or chill some otter pops
Dash through a summer rainstorm until you're totally soaked
Wear your swimsuit all day
Run through sprinkers
Hangout at the pool the entire day and eat the junk food from the snack shop
Head to a lake and rent a canoe
Watch summer movies like "Summer Rental," "Summer School," "Meatballs," "Now and Then," "Summer Lovers."
Eat seafood at a place that throws down newspaper to crack open crab
Make corn on the cob for supper and lots of butter
Make a car trip

These are just some of the ways to feel less jipped at the end of the season. Enjoy the harvest and the outdoors while you can.

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