Monday, July 9, 2012

Scariest Places on the Earth

What makes a place the scariest in the world? Well, it's a subjective evaluation, but the best bet is to think of places that people really don't want to be alone in at night. What makes them scary? Isolation. Deterioration. Dark history. Forbidden entry. See if any of these places scare you -

Catacombs - France

 Suicide Forest - Aokigahara Forest- Japan

 Transylvania - The Bran Castle

Chillingham Castle - UK

Capuccin Catacombs - Italy

Doll Island - Mexico

Humberston and La Noria - Chile

 Pine Barrens - NJ

 Easter Island

 Pripyat - Russia

 Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield Ohio


  1. Doll Island? Holy crap that is freakin scary.

  2. Don't forget Leap Castle in Birr Co. Ireland.
    Amazing location!

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