Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Road Trip Horror Movies

Going on a summer road trip? Nothing feels as vulnerable as being in a vehicle sometimes in remote areas and susceptible to strangers, weather, and breakdowns. Here's the best of the terrorized-on-the-road movies.

The Hitcher - a young man drives a car across country and makes the mistake of picking up a hitchhiker.

Duel - an uptight businessman on the road is antagonized by a trucker.

Joy Ride - brothers and a friend drive home from college, but get involved in a killer trucker's mind games and murder.

The Hills Have Eyes - a family takes a road trip with the RV, break down in the desert where some very creepy people live.

The Car - a black car with dark windows and no apparent driver torments a southwest town.

Breakdown - Fantastically manical movie about a husband who loses his wife to a crazy trucker when their car breaks down.

Night Terror - Valerie Harper, a mother alone on the road is tormented.

Wrong Turn - Youths on a road trip crash and look for help, only to be chased and murdered by seriously inbred rednecks.


  1. Makes me get the heeby jeebies when I am gonna take that long trip now. lol.

  2. I think Duel was the most frightening film ever especially if youre ever been on our M62 Motorway (UK) on a Friday teatime, where tailgating is a truckers sport

  3. Many of the back roads and small highways in AZ have that "Hills have eyes" feel to them.....very creepy!