Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Morningstars: Nick Kisella

It's getting to be that time of year when we not only have some summer time to read, but we're getting into that scary autumn-mood as the days slowly get shorter and shorter. As a horror writer, lover, and ghost investigator, I enjoy the subject of demons and anyone who can write about them and give me the creeps, they have my attention! 

I recommend "Morningstars" by Nick Kisella.

Description: While at his dying wife's bedside, Louis Darque, a recently promoted detective, is confronted by his absentee biological father, a demon named B’lial. The demon offers Louis the chance to save the life of his wife if he ‘works’ for him on earth. He informs him that because of his mixed blood he has certain demonic traits, such as immortality and the ability to travel to and from Hell. While Louis attempts to solve a series of murders on Earth and battles in Hell, he finds he has a twin brother: Obscure. In an effort to save the world from their father, and so Louis can have peace and Obscure the missing darkness he so craves, the two team up to fight B’lial on his own turf…..and Hell makes it clear that Louis is certainly not welcome there….

I work with a lot of authors in a writer's group and online and I have found that it's vital for an author to know their own influences and personality and proclivities and then to decide how to inject that into their work so that it is obviously something written by them.  In Mr. Kisella's case, his strengths come from the emotional bonds of characters and all the range of human emotions those entail. For a truly good horror story to be born, it doesn't matter what happens to the characters, the audience relates to what the hero does in response to things that happen. Nick knows his strength and he utilizes this well.

Want some horror summer reading to get you in the mood for horror season? Get to work on Morningstars by Nick Kisella. 

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