More Zombie Apocalypse Shenanigans!

A woman in China has her face eaten off by a drunken bus driver.

A man strips down his clothing on a golf course and threatens to eat others.

I'm not sure what to say folks. The Florida face eater was supposedly only on pot. The driver in China, drunk. Isn't this how Night of the Living Dead started out?

With cops scrambling to deal with these events, I'm wondering if lawmakers are now considering a new law on the books for this unusual crime, perhaps calling it "Snack Attacks."


  1. this shit is getting weird.

    I'm starting the lockdown on my house... canned foods and the like...
    I am not going to be unprotected for what's coming....

    Zombies or not... whatever it is... IS BAD.

  2. ......and I call BULLSHIT on the Florida guy only being on pot.

    Bandhura (Tara)


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