Halloween For Adults

Julie and I are working on an upcoming book for next year entitled "Halloween For Adults." This is a market in books that is really lacking. We plan to lay it out with 6 chapters with themes. There will be crafts, foods, party planning, invitations, and how to take the elements and repurpose them for the trick-or-treater night! There's a lot of kid-related Halloween stuff out there, but not a lot for those who want to decorate, have a party, get into the mood.

So far, we have 4 chapters plotted out, but we'd like your input on 2 other potential themes.
Horror movies


  1. I think Sci-Fi and Ghosts are pretty good categories to add.

    Carol (Carol's Creations)

  2. Halloween spirituality? Thinks like the origin of Samhain, or how about Halloween urban legends?

  3. A dieselpunk UFO theme using early or mid-century rocket retro with a dark twist. I have so many ideas on haunted houses and parties, etc. I'm a frustrated party planner--for Halloween. I couldn't plan anything else to save my life. LOL! I'd strive for thematic unity in any given event so that from invitations to invocations, the event transports partygoers elsewhere and suspends reality.

  4. You mightn't recall this idea. I still think it would be cool for literary types http://strangestate.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-party-ideas.html


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