Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hairy Critters: Tokoloshe

I'm fascinated by how many cultures have hairy creatures in their legends. This is part of a new series "Hairy Critters."

The Tokoloshe is part of Zulu mythology, a kind of dwarfish water sprite. These legendary creatures are mischief makers and can become invisible

These are not considered particularly happy friendly creatures. They are associated with malevolant and nasty antics. Accidents and misfortune follow these evil spirits.

Whereas Bigfoot and Yeti are associated with actual creatures, this hairy critter is considered a spirit form.

Season 1 episode 5 of Destination Truth, Josh and the gang hunted for a Tokoloshe with some hilarious results.

It would appear that this particular hairy critter mysteriously vanishes and is elusive, but can be used as a threat against naughty children to get them to straighten up. For that reason, I suspect Tokloshe is not going anywhere anytime soon in the legends of the locals.


  1. Yay! A new hairy critter for the continent of Africa! I'm gonna add it to my Interactive Bigfoot Variant Map.

    It is odd that the continent with the most primates has the least amount of BF variants.

    Great share Sharon!

    1. Hey Guy;
      It would actually make sense they have less variants of BF creatures. If you look at the continent, they have one native race and then once early people left there and mixed with other early man, they made lots of different varieties of races and mixes and hybrids. Same would go for a BF-creature. Of course, the Tokoloshe is considered a spirit form, though Native Americans often referred to BF as a spirit form too, so you never know if there is a real creature sparking these stories or even great apes once seen by locals when they came down from the mountain, and then that legend was born from something that actually existed and was considered spiritual because he could hide.