Friday, July 13, 2012

Hairy Critters: Orang Pendek

Of all the Bigfoot-equivalents, the Orang Pendak of Indonesia is the one I always believed would be discovered and categorized first.

The island of Sumatra has had reports for hundreds of years from hunters and residents encountering what it is described as a bipedal primate, under 5 feet tall, covered in short brown to gray fur.

Wikipedia: Usually no more than 85 or 90cm in height — although occasionally as large as 1m 20cm. The body is covered in a coat of dark grey or black flecked with grey hair. But it is the sheer physical power of the orang pendek that most impresses the Kerinci villagers. They speak in awe, of its broad shoulders, huge chest and upper abdomen and powerful arms. The animal is so strong, the villagers would whisper that it can uproot small trees and even break rattan vines. The legs, in comparison, are short and slim, the feet neat and small, usually turned out at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The head slopes back to a distinct crest — similar to the gorilla — and there appears to be a bony ridge above the eyes. But the mouth is small and neat, the eyes are set wide apart and the nose is distinctly humanoid. When frightened, the animal exposes its teeth — revealing oddly broad incisors and prominent, long canine teeth.

Is Orang Pendek related to the "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis) ancient man found in the same region?

(Reconstruction over skull of what the "Hobbit" tiny ancient person might have looked like).

Obviously, if there is a connection between the two, it could be assumed that this rendition of what the Hobbit appeared like would be inaccurate as it is unlikely that over the evolutionary process this early man would now be MORE hairy than he was back then. From descriptions of its very strong arms and wide shoulders and compact strength, it sounds more like an ape-like creature than a man-like creature, but then we run into the same issue with Bigfoot and we can certainly assume that Bigfoot being on two legs has developed a fair intellect, whereas this creature has been going from the trees to the land back and forth, so its upright abilities aren't it's most vital aspect for living as it could live as easily in the canopy.

I'm curious to see how the hunt for Orang Pendek comes along. It's a much smaller land than the US to look for a cryptid.


  1. Those are some BIG nostrils...

  2. Orang Pendek is a very interesting legend.

  3. I love BF stories and how they slightly vary from whatever land the beast has been seen.