Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ghost Teams Sharing Their Finds


Ghost Teams sharing info to help universal understanding of phenomena. That's the way it should be. I appreciate any time they put up their reports and their videos, especially as I am researching a book about common features in haunted locations.

There was a time in the worst heyday of ghost hunting popularity that teams were proprietary about locations, romancing owners of historic sites and edging out others from having access. Some, ruined reputations of other teams by spreading rumors, speaking smack about them to clients, and even courting team members from competitors to find out what the teams were up to. I'm not sure what the impetus was for these nasty hunters to enter the industry, but it certainly wasn't to ask questions, seek answers, and work as a team to further the field.

Delaware Ghost Hunters share their reports at haunted locations, like this one of Ft. Delaware.

My team, Arizona Paranormal Investigations shares their EVPs with the public.

Those into all things paranormal and wanting to join a think tank of open-minded folks seeking answers might join a group on Facebook like Project: Archivist.

CH.I.P.S. team in Illinois puts it up for all to check out, photos, audio, video.

Big hugs and kisses to the teams that make themselves transparent, allow us to review their evidence, learn about the locations they've investigated and have a step up when we go to those locales by knowing where it's jumping and what obstacles might be an issue, what equipment might be best, and what is "baseline" for the site.

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