Friday, July 20, 2012

Ghost Hunters Do Good!

Paranormal Kicks Cancer - Illinois

Are you in the Illinois area or plan to be September 15th? Then, this is your event! I love to hear about those in the paranormal community doing things for good causes and there is no better cause than cancer. I had cancer when I was 17. I was lucky enough to have it caught early enough that all I needed was invasive surgery. Julie and I are donating an interesting set of items as an auction piece -

Julie and I's URBEX photography/psychic read book signed and the doll Invisible Annie from Chapter 5 that was found at a dump and psychically read for one of the chapters in the book.

If the cause and cool items aren't enough to get you excited, look at the location of the event -
The Haunted Infirmary

Should you or your ghost team have something to contribute to this event, please get in touch with them at the link at the top of this post.

What a great cause, great event, and great volunteers!


  1. That doll is so creepy!

    Is your book also available on Smashwords?

    1. I never did Smashwords, but it is on Nook and Kindle. If you go to Amazon and pull up the book, you find a purchase button on the right. Right above the orange button that says "give as a gift" is a link to be able to upload kindles onto your PC. If you click it, you can save the kindle reader program on your PC. It goes into your downloads. Click it open in your downloads and it launches the install and you get a desktop button for the reader. Once you open it up, it asks you to register it. You just put in your Amazon email and password and voila! You can now buy kindle books and they go right to your reader. Nice system. I use it instead of having a Kindle because I'm always on my laptop.