Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Destination Truth Review

Last night, Josh and the gang headed to Fiji in search of the spirits of the men eaten by cannibals.  Yeah, no shit! The cases they go on are just too cool.

With a cool 3D looking CGI, the show has added a cool new element as they showed the village area where the missionaries were murdered and their plans for the night. They ran into some weird dancing lights that ended up being horse eyes.  Thanks for debunking that.  There was decent amount of hysteria. There were some personal experiences that were creepy.

The team also went to the Phillipines to find the Kapre monster, aka "tree demon." It is supposedly an ape-like creature in tropical forests, walking on 2 feet, massive, powerful, and living in the branches of the trees. This one was actually pretty damn freaky. Something's face showed above some tall grasses. They chased a very human-looking shape on the thermal camera across (of course) a suspension bridge. They chase it down and got some cool thermal hits and bushes moving.

It goes without saying; whether the team finds or doesn't find anything, they are taking us to some amazing places to explore things we would never see otherwise and cases we didn't know about. I adore the show. I don't expect it to be groundbreaking research, but entertainment and curious wonders are enough for me. 


  1. I got chills during their investigations. I love this show!

  2. they never addressed the face in the bushes at the end?