Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Destination Truth - New Season Tonight!

Josh and the gang start a new season tonight of Destination Truth on Syfy Channel with back-to-back 2 episodes! One of the episodes involves an hour-long focus on a Bigfoot-like creature in Vietnam and video evidence that is supposidly jaw-dropping. And, a first for DT, they are going to revisit a location--the Romanian Forest where Evan had been tossed by an unseen force. In fact, Evan is flew in for that episode even though he's not on the show anymore.

Here's an excerpt from the phone interview with Josh last week -

Josh Gates:   ...so this season we're doing our first ever follow-up investigation. And so you know, we get all sorts of emails and letters and requests from fans to return to a few different locations that we've visited on the show before.

People always want us to go back to the Island of the Dolls in Mexico or to Chernobyl -- which I'm not going to go back to -- or to this haunted forest in Romania. And I think the reason that people really - people were so interested in that story the first time is that my cameraman Evan had this really terrifying experience there.

This is a guy who, he's a real road warrior. You know, he's worked on all sorts of different types of shows, he's not a paranormal guy, he doesn't believe in ghosts, he's a skeptic. And we went into this forest that's reputed to be home to this, you know, dark, paranormal energy. And he was basically blown off his feet by something a couple of years ago on the show. And so we got all these requests to go back and to revisit this location.

So we wanted to go back but we knew that we really couldn't go back if we didn't have Evan with us. And you know, the thing about Evan is he's kind of a glutton for punishment. And you know, working on Destination Truth is - it's like a hard tour of duty, but you know, all of everyone who works on the show wants to come back and do it again.

And Evan has a family and he has other projects he's been working on. And so for the past couple of years he hasn't been on the show. And he always is like, "Man I've got to get back out there, I want to come back out and work with you guys again."

And so I called him and I said, "Evan, I have this great opportunity, we'll fly you out to do one episode of the show. You know, we miss you, we want to see you." And he's like, "Oh great, that sounds terrific." And then I told him where it was and he wasn't quite as excited.

But he agreed to do it, he came back. He was a great sport. And I of course made him go back to the very same place that he was the last time. And you know, you saw the episode, it's a pretty thrilling night. It's a pretty - it's another set of really mysterious things happened to him.

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