Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Destination Truth New Season Reviewed!

A new season of my favorite show has begun with a bang...and a scream...and a deadly snake...and river oxen...and everything you expect from DT!

They made us wait forever for a new season, but it was worth it to have two back-to-back awesome episodes!

The first episode was a Bigfoot-like creature in Vietnam about 6 feet tall, red-brown fur and a footprint found on an expedition. It was a very dangerous place and they did find a footprint, but they REALLY NEED TO BRING MORE SUPPLIES in case they have lots of prints to cast. I hope they learned in this episode.

The second episode they went back to the Romanian forest (first time ever revisiting a spot) where one of their members was tossed before. I was pleased to see them find out if people are still having problems in that area --- hundreds apparently. This time, the plane did not fall apart, but did have distress. Yikes! Note to self: Do not fly over Romania in a small plane. The forest provided a child's voice. Their EMF detector pegged when Josh asked a question. I think the team has been too long without doing this because they were particularly screamy and jumpy.

They found the circle again. They set themselves up just like they did the last time they were there. Their equipment malfunctioned again like last time. Evan, the brave fellow, sat down alone again. He started having some distress and acting kind of weird. He started having ringing ears and his ear bled. They think they got laughter from a child after asking if a child had been talking. Evan says after this, he went from nonbeliever to believer.

They also went on another cryptid hunt in Belize, looking for an unknown primate. Seemed like good territory for something to hide. They bought the typical offerings for the creature and headed out to, well, not find a creature, but I got to see a cool forest in Belize and a cave, as well as seeing Josh in a Mary Tyler Moore wig.

All in all, these episodes proved to me that Josh and the gang are back and it's a formula that works. I do not take their "research" seriously, but then I don't think they do either, really. I watch it to hear someone having fun, asking questions, and going to places I will never see and taking me along. For all those reasons, Josh and Destination Truth are still a fav!


  1. no, no that was a Dora the Explorer wig lol

    did they every say why the guy's ear bled?

  2. It was so great to be able to watch DT again!